Monday, February 12, 2007

For Noricum's Birthday

For her birthday, Noricum asked her friends to go out and enjoy the day and then tell her about it. Needing no more excuse than that, my husband and I had a Grand Day Out and Nori came along.

Because of CFIDS, my Grand Day Out actually took three days. We had a brief outing on Friday, I rested all day on Saturday, and then another brief outing on Sunday. In any event, here is what we did.

On Friday, we went to my favorite coffee place. Good music, great coffee, great ambience, and permission to sit as long as you like equals the perfect coffee house. Nori enjoyed the cookies, too.

One of the cool things is the mural painted behind the building but visible through windows in the back wall. You can't find something like this in any chain place.

We sat for an hour or so, me knitting, of course. Nori and I lobbied hard for a trip to the local yarn store afterwards, but nap time won out. I didn't bother to take pictures of that, nor of all the resting I did on Saturday. Use your imagination.

Sunday, we went to the local mall. Believe it or not, this is Nori in front of the small mall.

We went to the bookstore, and I got some great stuff: Folk Bags (which is gorgeous stuff), a moleskine, and a new knitting journal.

After shopping, we had lunch. Nori helped.

Then my husband expressed the need for toys.

Among other things, he got himself a lego monkey. A monkey, made out of lego! I'm not sure why that is necessary in life.

And that was our Grand Day Out. It may not seem like much, but for us it was a lot! Happy Birthday, Noricum!

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noricum said...

Thanks! Mmmm! Nice day(s)! Cute monkey too. ;)