Monday, April 28, 2008

Fiber filled weekend!

Howdy Knittah!

Long time, no see, eh? We've missed you! Things have been very busy around here, since here is no longer Buffalo, NY. We've moved to New England, and life has been sort of crazy because of that. Well.. Actually, life has been kind of boring for me, because everyone has been too busy to take me anyplace interesting, but that changed this weekend!

Saturday was the 21st Annual Sheepshearing Festival at Gore Place. As you might expect, there were all sorts of fun things going on..

For a festival about sheep, there were a lot of other animals too.

I also got to see an old spinning wheel, a metalworker, some singing, some dancing, some people in funny costumes, and of course, a bit of yarn.

That would have been enough fun for one weekend, but instead, we got to take a road trip the next day, out to Northampton, MA. It's very cute on its own, and of course WEBS is there.. but this Sunday, the Yarn Harlot was there too!

Here I am out in front of WEBS. It's not particularly impressive looking from the outside, but once you get indoors, it's amazing.

It was pretty crowded, but it was fun admiring everyone's knitwear, and meeting new people. Here I am with my new friend Alex, as we waited in line to have Stephanie sign our books. For those who haven't been there, this is the warehouse in the back of the store. Some bags of yarn kept falling down on us, I think they wanted to come home with us, but there wouldn't have been enough room in the car for all of them.

After chatting with Stephanie and having our books signed, we walked over to the Calvin Theatre to make sure we got good seats. If you look really closely at the first crowd photo that Stephanie posted, you can just see us above the sock! Here's how it looked from our end:

All together, it was a great weekend - too bad they can't all be that fun!

Friday, April 18, 2008


My knitting group has come through for the Botswana Project in a big way! Last night, I received blankets (crochet, knit and fleece), hats (knit and crochet), scarves (knit), and a cute hat and mitten set (also knit).


There's also this crochet baby sweater - so SUPER cute that I wanted to show you separately.


Thanks, my knitting friends! I am overwhelmed by your generosity!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Quilt Reflections

Dear Knittah,

Since we know you enjoy quilting (and Noricum likes looking at them too), we made a special effort to go to the quilt show, Quilt Reflections, this Saturday. Noricum and I took lots of photos, but she doesn't have time to upload them and post them all at once... so we'll upload a new one every few days as Noricum has time.

I'm not in all of the photos... partially because the flash doesn't highlight the quilt well when I'm too close to the camera, but also because Noricum can be a bit lazy. Lots of people did say hi to me when I was out posing for the camera, though. :) For today's photo, we chose one where I'm in the photo too:

I hope you enjoy the virtual tour!


Bobmas Eve

Dear Knittah,

Last Thursday was Bobmas eve. You know about Bobmas eve, right? It's a celebration of Ravelry, held on it's anniversary (well, the night before, of course... hence the "eve").

Over 20 Winnipeg knitters descended on The Fyxx (on Broadway) a small downtown coffee shop (I'm not sure we realized how small it was) that serves cake, and had a jolly old time! We had warned them in advance, but whoever we talked to apparently didn't pass on the message. The two poor staff members who were inundated by us did the best they could, and were wonderful!

Bobmas Eve

Part of the event was a swap... the pile of swap yarn was enormous!!! The yarn fumes were so thick I must have passed out while being passed around! Luckily Yarnfanatic (that's her Ravelry handle) found me an made sure I made it safely home with Noricum. As it was, we hung out way too late, and subsequently Noricum had a hard time rolling out of bed in time for judging the science fair the next day. Luckily I could sleep through that part. ;)


Sunday, April 06, 2008

For the record...

My tongue was NOT actually up his nose. He fell asleep in the hammock and we were all taking goofy pictures with him... it was supposed to look like I was licking his face but we got this little gem of trick photography instead ;). I think it's funny. LOL!


Wednesday, April 02, 2008


After the “Mouse Incident”, I spent the next ten days recuperating in Devon’s backpack, while she traveled to Laos on the advice of our monk friend, and one of the guys on the trek. She did a lot of this: 

Gotta love the buckets…

A lot of this:

Kuang Si Waterfall in Luang Prabang, Laos.

Not much of this (chicken that she is):

Hey, I did it, didn’t I? I wasn’t scared, I was just waiting for all those grandmas and little kids to take their turn.

Sure you were.

Some of this:

(apparently the only thing that’s open after 10 pm is the bowling alley)

Plenty of this:

(Remember him, he becomes important later.)

And even a little of this:


Carved Decoy Show

Dear Knittah,

On Saturday, Noricum and her dad took me to a carved decoy show. There were so many beautiful carvings there! Noricum says I have to write fast, because she needs the computer back, so I'll just show you these three photos:

At The Decoy Show

At The Decoy Show

At The Decoy Show