Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Carved Decoy Show

Dear Knittah,

On Saturday, Noricum and her dad took me to a carved decoy show. There were so many beautiful carvings there! Noricum says I have to write fast, because she needs the computer back, so I'll just show you these three photos:

At The Decoy Show

At The Decoy Show

At The Decoy Show



Devon said...

Decoys? Well that's cool!!

I dated a guy who was from TX, and he had a turkey decoy in his bedroom. It was downright creepy LOL

Knittah said...

Very cool decoy show! We have a few here at home, mostly of ducks. My hubby's favorite is the wood duck (no pun intended).

noricum said...

Uh, yeah, that *would* be creepy! I'm trying to decide which would be creepier... a turkey decoy, or a turkey taxidermy...

Wood ducks are pretty! We have them nesting along the river near where I live. :)