Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 2009 Delivery


I took all your beautiful gifts to my doctor yesterday, and laid out a few for him to see. The rest were in a huge box! Our final tally was:

6 blankets
9 sweaters
3 shawls
15 scarves
8 hats
8 pairs mittens
5 hat sets (with either matching scarf or socks)
1 hand made toy

He was thrilled, and we talked about some ideas for the future as well. He happily posed for a picture, but I caught him while blinking. Sorry Dr. G! I didn't notice until this morning!


Thank you to each of you who donated for this round. Information on the next round will be posted this week!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Big Fat Generosity

You've overwhelmed me with your generosity once again! Today was the deadline for the latest Botswana Project collection, and I've got to cram a lot of gifts into this one post!

Sweaters, by Vicki, Anne Marie, Lara, and Bev:


Here's a better look at the ones at the bottom of the pile (Lara's and Anne Marie's):


Thank you for all the gorgeous gifts. I'll be taking them to my doctor on Monday, and I'll have an update for you next week!

Lisa sent shawls and blankets:

bots0609shawls.JPG bots0609blankets.JPG

Hats by Maria, Corinna, Yasemin, and Carol:


Hat/scarf sets by Maria and Corinna:


Baby hat and bootie sets by Corinna, and a toy from Bev:


Mittens! Courtesy of Bev and her Monday night knitting group:


A whole mess of scarves from Anne Marie, Maria, Laina, Clarissa


More scarves from Clarissa, Maria and Anne Marie: