Monday, March 16, 2009

Final Count, and Prizes!

Our final tally of handmade gifts for Botswana is impressive: 2 bags, 4 blankets, 5 pairs socks/booties, 7 sweaters, 8 toys, 11 scarves, and 47 hats! More hats and gloves were purchased and donated by you, as well. My husband and I delivered everything to my doctor this morning, and he says thank you thank you thank you! He was amazed at how much you gave, and where the gifts came from!

I promised prizes, and my husband did the honors of pulling three names from his (Eagles) hat:


Our winners are Anne Marie, Lizzie and Laina! Congratulations! I've already emailed or messaged you about sending your prize. What did they win? In order, clockwise from the right: 4 skeins of Classic Elite Paintbox, 1 skein of Great Adirondack sock yarn, and 2 skeins of Fearless Fibers worsted.


Thank you everyone for your generosity. We will do this again, if you are willing!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

One Last Box

To my delight, I received a box yesterday from Amy in Kuala Lampur!!! She sent these hats and adorable children's sweaters. Thank you!!!!



Saturday, March 14, 2009

Finish Line

The last donations have arrived, and I've got a mountain to show you!


These adorable Bobs are from vismajor. Freaking adorable!


Turtleknits sent this blanket and 5 hats. The yarn is very squooshy, too.

tiniesthats.JPG tiniestblanket.JPG tiniestsocks.JPG

The scarf, 8 hats, granny square blanket AND super cute socks are from tiniestmonkey.

dianaw.JPG dianaw2.JPG

This bright pink blanket is from DianaW. She did a secret agent hand off to my husband in the lobby of his building to turn it in. He may be 6'4" tall with a buzzcut, but the man is not embarrassed to carry a bright pink blanket around (in a shopping bag).


Finally, these two funny guys are from Clarissa68. I think these are the first toys she's made, and they are fantastic!

Thank you to everyone who contributed items for this round of the Botswana project! I did promise prizes, so I'll be posting about that tomorrow! And your lovely gifts will be delivered to Dr. G on Monday!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Raking it In

Last night was Knit Night, and you can guess what that means! The ladies loaded me up with their generous gifts for the Botswana project.

Laina made this adorable crochet poncho and hat, and the hat, bib and booties.

Debbie made this hat. It's stranded knitting, y'all!

Debbie made this hat and sock set too!

Rosemary came through the pretty pink scarf, plus the hats and gloves. How cute are those snowball hats!?

All those sweaters? Anne Marie made those sweaters. ALL the sweaters!

Anne Marie made the hat and scarves too. How completely wonderful are all these gifts, and how completely wonderful are these knitters? Pretty freaking wonderful, in my book.

If you want to contribute, you have until March 13th. And there will be prizes!