Saturday, March 14, 2009

Finish Line

The last donations have arrived, and I've got a mountain to show you!


These adorable Bobs are from vismajor. Freaking adorable!


Turtleknits sent this blanket and 5 hats. The yarn is very squooshy, too.

tiniesthats.JPG tiniestblanket.JPG tiniestsocks.JPG

The scarf, 8 hats, granny square blanket AND super cute socks are from tiniestmonkey.

dianaw.JPG dianaw2.JPG

This bright pink blanket is from DianaW. She did a secret agent hand off to my husband in the lobby of his building to turn it in. He may be 6'4" tall with a buzzcut, but the man is not embarrassed to carry a bright pink blanket around (in a shopping bag).


Finally, these two funny guys are from Clarissa68. I think these are the first toys she's made, and they are fantastic!

Thank you to everyone who contributed items for this round of the Botswana project! I did promise prizes, so I'll be posting about that tomorrow! And your lovely gifts will be delivered to Dr. G on Monday!


greenwords said...

It's all awesome!

magnusmog said...

Love the blobs!

Eliza said...

A man walks down the street with a blanket like that, you know he's not afraid of anything