Monday, March 16, 2009

Final Count, and Prizes!

Our final tally of handmade gifts for Botswana is impressive: 2 bags, 4 blankets, 5 pairs socks/booties, 7 sweaters, 8 toys, 11 scarves, and 47 hats! More hats and gloves were purchased and donated by you, as well. My husband and I delivered everything to my doctor this morning, and he says thank you thank you thank you! He was amazed at how much you gave, and where the gifts came from!

I promised prizes, and my husband did the honors of pulling three names from his (Eagles) hat:


Our winners are Anne Marie, Lizzie and Laina! Congratulations! I've already emailed or messaged you about sending your prize. What did they win? In order, clockwise from the right: 4 skeins of Classic Elite Paintbox, 1 skein of Great Adirondack sock yarn, and 2 skeins of Fearless Fibers worsted.


Thank you everyone for your generosity. We will do this again, if you are willing!


Leslie said...

I'm absolutely willing to do this again--I look forward to the next round :D

magnusmog said...

I'm in for the next round!

anne marie said...

count me in!

Amy McWeasel said...

I'll keep participating! I love contributing to this.

(And on a more personal note, what's the colorway of the Fearless Fibers worsted yarn? I'm very attracted to that & think I need to buy some. ;)


Knittah said...

vismajor - the colorway is called Morocco, and I bought it through Fearless Fiber's etsy shop. It is beautiful!