Friday, June 19, 2009

Big Fat Generosity

You've overwhelmed me with your generosity once again! Today was the deadline for the latest Botswana Project collection, and I've got to cram a lot of gifts into this one post!

Sweaters, by Vicki, Anne Marie, Lara, and Bev:


Here's a better look at the ones at the bottom of the pile (Lara's and Anne Marie's):


Thank you for all the gorgeous gifts. I'll be taking them to my doctor on Monday, and I'll have an update for you next week!

Lisa sent shawls and blankets:

bots0609shawls.JPG bots0609blankets.JPG

Hats by Maria, Corinna, Yasemin, and Carol:


Hat/scarf sets by Maria and Corinna:


Baby hat and bootie sets by Corinna, and a toy from Bev:


Mittens! Courtesy of Bev and her Monday night knitting group:


A whole mess of scarves from Anne Marie, Maria, Laina, Clarissa


More scarves from Clarissa, Maria and Anne Marie:



Eddy G. said...

What fabulous pieces. super to know they are going to a great cause.

noricum said...

What fantastically generous donations! My favourites are the pink & purple embellished scarves, and the green striped sweater. :) I'm sure the kids will love them!

Lara said...

Oh yay! My green sweater was someone's favorite! :)


Eliza said...

Gorgeous, generous contributions!!

magnusmog said...

Well done everyone!