Monday, April 14, 2008

Bobmas Eve

Dear Knittah,

Last Thursday was Bobmas eve. You know about Bobmas eve, right? It's a celebration of Ravelry, held on it's anniversary (well, the night before, of course... hence the "eve").

Over 20 Winnipeg knitters descended on The Fyxx (on Broadway) a small downtown coffee shop (I'm not sure we realized how small it was) that serves cake, and had a jolly old time! We had warned them in advance, but whoever we talked to apparently didn't pass on the message. The two poor staff members who were inundated by us did the best they could, and were wonderful!

Bobmas Eve

Part of the event was a swap... the pile of swap yarn was enormous!!! The yarn fumes were so thick I must have passed out while being passed around! Luckily Yarnfanatic (that's her Ravelry handle) found me an made sure I made it safely home with Noricum. As it was, we hung out way too late, and subsequently Noricum had a hard time rolling out of bed in time for judging the science fair the next day. Luckily I could sleep through that part. ;)


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Knittah said...

Mmmmmmm, cake! I'm am so psyched that more Ravelers got to meet Swatchy!