Monday, April 14, 2008

Quilt Reflections

Dear Knittah,

Since we know you enjoy quilting (and Noricum likes looking at them too), we made a special effort to go to the quilt show, Quilt Reflections, this Saturday. Noricum and I took lots of photos, but she doesn't have time to upload them and post them all at once... so we'll upload a new one every few days as Noricum has time.

I'm not in all of the photos... partially because the flash doesn't highlight the quilt well when I'm too close to the camera, but also because Noricum can be a bit lazy. Lots of people did say hi to me when I was out posing for the camera, though. :) For today's photo, we chose one where I'm in the photo too:

I hope you enjoy the virtual tour!



Knittah said...

Awesome! That quilt is gorgeous! Noricum, thank you SO much for taking time to do this. I know you are crazy busy!

noricum said...

Wait until you see the rest of them! The quilts were absolutely spectacular. :)

Not a problem. Living life seems to fit in (mostly), it's just finding time to blog about it that I can't find! ;)