Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Freakin' Awesome

Instead of commenting on Not So Swatchy's excellent post about her road trip, I have to post in response. You see, Knittah LOVES football.

It is family lore that my first word was "football." I adore it. Having grown up in Buffalo (where Not So Swatchy makes her home), I was a Buffalo Bills fan. That is, I was a Bills fan until we lost all those Superbowls (Superbowls 25-28). But I was diehard, folks. I cheered for the Bills in a room full of Giants fans for Superbowl XXV. Scott Norwood, you broke my heart.

Anyway, I still love the game. It is a ritual at Chez Knittah to fall asleep on the couch watching football on a Sunday afternoon. Under a blankie. Unless the Eagles are playing, of course.

See how dedicated I am?

I believe that football should be played outside, not in a stupid dome. I believe that football is even better in the snow. And when I saw clips from the game last Sunday, with a freaking whiteout on the field? I said to Mr. Knittah, "THAT'S what I'm talking about!"

And now I find out that Not So Swatchy was THERE! In the snow! And cold! To watch the Bills play Cleveland (which is ironic since my family is originally from Cleveland and Dad still roots for the Browns).

Totally. Freaking. Awesome. Thanks for being my true proxy, Not So Swatchy.


magnusmog said...

I love the other sort of football, ie soccer. My Saturday afternoon ritual involves sitting with my knitting listening to the scottish footie programmes on the radio and occasionally giving off a little snore :)

vicki said...

We had no idea that your family has roots in Cleveland! What an awesome coincidence! Clearly, we agree about what constitutes good football - outside in the snow is awesome!

PS - How do you feel about the Patriots and/or Giants? *cough* Rumor has it Not So Swatchy will be there..

Knittah said...

Um, well, my feelings about the Giants should be obvious. And the Patriots? They beat the Eagles in the Super Bowl a couple years ago, so I hate them too. On the other hand, football *is* footballs.

And magnusmog, I love the other sort of football too!