Sunday, January 11, 2009



Dear Knittah,

Today Noricum and I went skating. Well, Noricum skated, and I took in the view from her sock bag. Before we started skating, she bought some new skates:
These ones are much better than her old ones, because her feet don't hurt in them. She was able to skate quite a bit before her feet started to ache a bit, and then they only hurt a bit. Plus, the wire "laces" with the dial to tighten them are a lot faster to put on and take off, or even to adjust when necessary. Plus they're insulated. That's a necessity for outdoor skating!

We also had some hot dogs and hot chocolate that he Knights of Columbus were handing out.

We hope you're keeping warm.



Knittah said...

Ah, ice skating. I did that as a kid (growing up in Buffalo). Hot chocolate is essential. And yes, we're keeping warm because it is not that stinking cold here! Yes, I am bitter. LOL

noricum said...

Which is better... bitter, or bitterly cold? ;)

I'll take a horrible short video on my next trip, and you can watch it in a walk-in freezer and pretend you're here! (Although the walk-in freezer would be warmer... but probably still bad for your CFIDS.)

magnusmog said...

this looks like fun!

noricum said...

It was! I need to get better so that I can balance more easily, and put less strain on my back, but it was lots of fun!