Monday, April 27, 2009

Botswana Update

Hey everyone!!!! Our gifts are winging their way to Botswana, and I have new information for you.

The program that uses our gifts is part of the University of Pennsylvania's partnership with Botswana. You can read about the program here. The program also has a Facebook page.

I would like (with your agreement) to change our deadline for the next collection. Winter came early to Botswana, so I don't want to wait until our fall, their spring to send more gifts.

So our new collection deadline is June 19th! We've been asked especially for sweaters and scarves in all child sizes. Laina also suggested that we make shawls for the volunteers who work with the children, and Dr. G said that would be very welcome.

Email me with questions or for the address to send your gifts. And there will be prizes again!


Vickie said...

Goody! I'm going to cast on the chocolate and raspberry sweater that didn't get done for the March deadline today or tomorrow. Since I never put anything away, the yarn and pattern sit in a paper bag right on the floor here.

Jonestribe said...

Winter has come early to Botswana get those needles clicking you are making so many children warm & happy here!