Sunday, January 24, 2010

We Kinneared Gord Leclerc

Dear Knittah,

Gord Leclerc is a local celeb... he's the anchor on the CTV Winnipeg news. January 6th, we were on our way to knitting (late, due to having to make a trip home to pick up something Noricum forgot... silly Noricum!), and Gord Leclerc got on our bus! It took us a moment to recognize him in everyday wear, rather than his suit. Noricum doesn't often run across celebrities, so she kinneared him:
Gord Leclerc, kinneared
He's the one behind the silver pole... sorry for the motion blur, but using flash would break the rules of kinnearing, as it would alert the subject. Given that he looked asleep, she risked a second shot:
Gord Leclerc, kinneared
After that, she stopped trying. I wanted to be in the photo with him (actually, I wanted to run up and get my photo taken with him for real), but Noricum said that kinnearing didn't work that way, and that we shouldn't bother the guy after a long day at work.


PS: For those who haven't heard of kinnearing, see here, or here, or here.

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Knittah said...

Swatchy kinnearing! A new olympic sport!