Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Dear Knittah,

The day after we went to the Ex, we went to Sheeples, a sheep farm near Inwood, Manitoba. Did we tell you about the last visit a couple of years ago? I can't remember if that's one of the things we kept meaning to blog, but never got around to. (Sorry, we've been slackers!)

Sheeples plans their lambing season to happen when it's warm: it's easier on the lambs, and since they don't have to worry about having the most weight come slaughter time (these are fleece sheep, not meat sheep), that's what they go with. Noricum *loves* spending a day at Sheeples during lambing season. (Frankly, I think she'd love to spend more than a day there!)

We took a bunch of photos so that you'd be there in spirit too.

IMG_3303 IMG_3304 IMG_3305 IMG_3306 IMG_3307 IMG_3308

We even got a demonstration of sheep shearing this year!
IMG_3310 IMG_3311
Did you know that when sheep are upside down, they can't burp/fart? The gas can build up, and essentially suffocate them! They try to do the shearing as fast as possible, and also check the sheep several times a day to make sure they haven't tipped over. (They're like turtles, and can't right themselves... especially when they have their full fleeces.)

Now, you might be wondering where I am, since I'm not in any of the photos? Well, I was there, but hung out incognito all day... Noricum says it's too hard to hold a baby sheep, take photos, *and* hold me up too.
I was kind of jealous... but how can you compete with a face like this?

One of the boys:

IMG_3315 IMG_3316

If you ever manage to visit us in Manitoba, make sure you come during lambing season... Noricum says she'll catch you a bottle baby lamb to hold in your lap. :)



Knittah said...

Yay Sheeples!You did blog that before, but this was better. What an adorable lamb! I'm surprised you didn't tuck him in your pocket!

noricum said...

I was soooo tempted! ;)