Monday, July 02, 2007

the community of Scoraig

Scoraig is a small, idyllic community on a point in the western Highlands, facing the Minch and west to the Outer Hebrides. It's accessible by walking path (about 4 miles one way?) or by boat/ferry. Here are scenes along the way:

en route to Scoraig

en route to Scoraig 2

Fairly self-sufficient, the residents rely on wind and solar power (and now cell phones); many have gardens, some raise sheep, some spin their own wool. We chose a picturesque picnic site for lunch:

Scoraig "picnic area"

Scoraig thatch roof

Scoraig oddly has a little "faux" lighthouse set well inland and serving no lighthouse function.

lighthouse scoraig

Instead, they've converted it to a little interpretive center, providing background on the community, the lifestyle and, in particular, the local knitting scene. Bear with me--the following photos were taken in difficult lighting conditions through glass...





Eliza particularly liked the two, erm, sweaters on the right:


Here Jerry and I take in the sunshine on a bench tiled with designs by the local schoolkids.


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Knittah said...

I am packing my bags and moving there!