Monday, March 31, 2008

Dispatches from Australia #1

Long time no see, huh? I know, I know, but Devon and I have been extremely busy and I'm going to make up for the total lack of communication right now.

Where did I last leave you? Fiji? Oh yeah, an accident report from the field. You'll be glad to know I am thoroughly patched up! Though if Swatchy Doc wanted to come over and check me out, I wouldn't be opposed (hubba hubba). Anywho, Knittah made me a lovely band-aid that matches my scarf, and Devon sewed it on. And now she keeps me far away from critters, at least most of the time…

So let's see. After Fiji, we made a brief stop in Brisbane, Australia, and headed up to the Sunshine Coast, home of the Australia Zoo and the late Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter.

Look, it's a sleeping koala!! They sleep 20 hours or more a day… almost as much as Devon!

I heard that!

Oh, are you up from your nap already?


Here I am, just chillin' with a kangaroo.

CRIKEY! A reticulated Python! Oh come on, you wouldn't have been able to resist saying it either. Speaking of the Crocodile Hunter, they had a thing where you could take a picture in front of a blue screen and have it digitized, like with your head in a crocodile's mouth, or you with Steve Irwin. WITH STEVE IRWIN! Is it just me, or is that a little macabre?

The zoo was awesome though. It was cool to see Australian animals, and you can get so close to them! We even petted a koala… they're so soft and fluffy!!

The weirdest thing about Australia is how similar it is to the US. It felt a lot like Florida! The money is cool, it's all different colors and each one has a little window.


Of course Devon gets a big kick out of looking through it. Over, and over. She never stops finding it funny. EVER.

I see you!



Knittah said...

You got to touch a koala? I am SO jealous!!!!!

Devon said...

Yeah, it was AWESOME. I wished I signed up for the program where you get to HOLD them....