Thursday, March 13, 2008


When Swatchy Doc made his appearance in Botswana, several volunteers were taken with him. One woman leads an income-generating group for women, and they are learning to knit! I volunteered to design a doll for them that they could make and sell locally.

The doll has to be very simple in construction, and knit flat (not in the round). They also requested that I use the colors of the Botswana flag, and that the doll fit in a child's hand. So I started knitting up some prototypes.

The first one is very blocky and easy to knit, but not very cuddly looking.

Adding arms made the doll more appealing, if a little more challenging to knit. But now the torso is too long and the proportions don't look right.

Third time's the charm! Proportions are nice in this one.

And here is the doll knit up and stuffed. Now I just need to add some personality.


Kathy said...

He (she?) looks great!

noricum said...

Adorable! Just think of all those smiles you'll be bringing to children's faces. :)