Thursday, February 07, 2008

Spreading Joy

Remember Swatchy Doc? He was traveling to Botswana along with a box of toys, socks and blankets made by some of our wonderful knitting friends. Dr. G passed the box on to a volunteer organization, and on Monday, I received the most beautiful pictures of the children who received our gifts. All of these children live in the country of Botswana, and many of them have been touched by HIV/AIDS in some way. They may have family members who are ill or who have passed away. The disease is so prevalent in Botswana that most of them know someone who has suffered. Your generous gifts have brought happiness to these beautiful children. Some of them look very serious in these pictures, but we're certain that the toys and other items are already treasured.

blanket1.JPG blanket2.JPG charmer.JPG first baby!.JPG happiness is...JPG mum + child.JPG sad children.JPG waiting at clinic.JPG

I've already asked the volunteers what types of knitted items they would like to receive in the future. I'll let you know as soon as I find out! In the meantime, please email me if you are interested in helping out with the next round of gifts.


Carol said...

To see the blankie I made wrapped around a gorgeous little boy!
Halfway across the world?

I am going to go wipe the tears out of my eyes before people realize I am not as cynical as I sound...

noricum said...

What wonderful photographs! I'd like to send something for the next trip too. :) (It's being able to actually see the recipient that makes a difference, I think... then you *know* it really is going somewhere and being appreciated, rather than ending up in a box somewhere.)

Anonymous said...

Be assured we will make sure what ever you send to us is well distributed to those who really appreciate your time and effort. Thank you all so much.
Gill Jones RGN
Bots UPenn Coordinator
Flying Mission Board Member

donna said...
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