Friday, February 22, 2008

Back to Chengdu

After we left Beijing, we headed for Chengdu. Swatchy Hugz was there before me! Some of what I saw was the same, like the yummy food:

china22.jpg china25.jpg

But I also visited the Naval Institute of Biology and saw this leatherback turtle. Yes, there are sea turtles in China!


But the best part, ooohhhhhhhh, the best part was the PANDAS!

china36.jpg china37.jpg

No one would let me get too close to the pandas. I don't know why. They sure are cute, though.


Knittah's Dad was the luckiest. He got to hold one! I think it talked to him!




noricum said...

That last photo looks like the panda thinks he's on Santa's lap, and is trying to decide what to ask for Christmas. ;)

Cool! I'm impressed that Knittah's dad actually got to *hold* a panda! Wow.

Celeste said...

Oh, I'm SOOOO HOMESICK for Chengdu!

~Swatchy Hugz

Eliza said...

I'm trying to gauge how much of that panda is fur v. panda, because it looks awful big.