Sunday, October 26, 2008

Manitoba Military Tattoo

Dear Knittah,

I'm sorry I haven't written much lately! Noricum and I have so many posts to write, but life has been so busy. This post couldn't wait though... because we met Fred Penner, and he said he'd look for our post!!! Do you know who Fred Penner is? He's an *awesome* singer of children's music, and Canadian, and Noricum has an autographed record of his from when he sang at her elementary school. He even had his own TV show!

Anyway, I suppose I should give a wee bit of a back story (before Noricum hares off to that silly desk of hers that she's trying to refinish).

Noricum's dad is in the Winnipeg Male Chorus, which was singing today as part of the Manitoba Military Tattoo. Fred Penner was the Master of Ceremony. After the performance there was a dinner, and Fred Penner (and the recently retired Chief of Defense for NATO) were sitting at the next table! After the speeches were over, Noricum twisted up her courage and asked for a photograph:
Fred Penner
(Don't mind Noricum... she's a little star-struck, and didn't think to straighten out her vest.)

While we were taking photos, this one is of Noricum's neighbour, Don McCrae, who is the grand-nephew of the poet, John McCrae, who wrote "In Flander's Fields":
Don McCrae

And this photo is of one of the handsome fellows from the 402 Pipes and Drums Band:
402 Pipes and Drums Band
Noricum was a big fan of the pipe band performances in the show, and also loved the purple tartans. :)

We also spotted an RCMP officer in full formal dress while we were waiting in the car to figure out what entrance to use before the show, but Noricum was slow to think of me and her camera, and he was already half a block away (on a *cold* and *WINDY* day), so she didn't chase after him. Also, she was delegated with making sure Don made it to his seat, and didn't want to abandon him. Sorry! Next time, Noricum promises to think faster.

Well, I'd upload a few blurry photos of the show, but Noricum is complaining that she needs to do a tiny bit on her desk before dark. Hopefully we'll be able to catch up on some of the backlogged posts soon!


PS: No, Noricum didn't have the guts to pester the former NATO Chief of Defense for a photograph. Plus he had wandered off, talking to other people while Noricum was busy with Fred Penner.

PPS: We're getting kind of low on postcards... do you have more of them?


magnusmog said...

Love love LOVE the Piper and Swatchy photo!

Anonymous said...

The handsome fellow in the purple tartan is Cliff Cook, the Drum Major of the 402 band. There is a Youtube video of the massed band performance at

I was in the middle of the music on the bass drum with my back to the camera. Love it that people enjoyed the performance!

noricum said...

Thanks for the comment and the link!

Since you're one of the bass drummers, I'll ask something I was curious about. What's up with the big bear skins (complete with heads)? Is that because of the weight and vibration from the drum, or something else? (It must be *hot* in the summer!)

Knittah said...

I have a special place in my heart for bagpipers - undoubtedly due to my 1/8 Scottish heritage. We even had a bagpiper at our wedding! And YAY Mr. Penner! Hope you stop by the blog!