Friday, October 31, 2008

Vote Early!


Dear Swatchy,

You probably know that Election Day here in the U.S. is Tuesday, November 4th. The voter turnout is expected to be high with long lines, and Knittah just can't be wait in a line for very long (especially if it means sitting in her wheelchair outside). Luckily - did you know this? - she can vote by absentee ballot.

I got to check out the ballot before she filled it out. She said you are supposed to fill in the ballot all by yourself with no one around, so I had to go back to my shelf when she got out the pen.

But pretty cool, huh? Knittah says: "No matter who you vote for, make sure you vote in this election!"

Love, Nori


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noricum said...

Dear Nori,

Yes, we have heard about the big lines expected up here on the Canadian news. Supposedly there's already a problem with just the early voting! And the number of *new* voters is equal to three quarters of the total Canadian population... so more than the number of people who voted in *total* in Canada!

Knittah's ballot sure is a lot more complicated than Noricum's was. (I don't have any photos of hers, because we weren't allowed to take photos in the Canadian polling stations.) Hers had only four names, and all she had to do is make one X. There was also no line. She went mid-morning, and I think she may have been the only voter there. Canadians were sort of grumpy about having this most recent election... Harper wasted a bunch of taxpayers money on basically nothing.