Monday, May 11, 2009

Swatchy C a fiori

Hi Knittah.

During grad school, Eliza had an Italian roommate, Emanuela. Ema's mother doesn't speak English. Eliza doesn't speak Italian. Anyway, finally, when Ema's mom visited for graduation, it dawned on them to converse in Spanish, and it would have really simplified things if they'd thought of that sooner. But until that point, it was challenging. Ema's mom would call and Eliza wouldn't know how to explain that Ema was out. Ema finally coached Eliza on how to explain to her mom that she was out. Eliza, however, heard it as "Ema a fiori" which made Ema laugh hysterically because that means "Ema's in the flowers." What Eliza was supposed to understand was "Ema a fuori" meaning Ema's out and about.

Anyway, so my point with this little preview is that Eliza has a...mischievous streak and she delighted in putting ME, Swatchy C, "a fiori":


But finally, Tuscan poppies. And are those wild delphiniums?!!

This post has some random snaps from the hiking. This is a lovely home near Rocca, and don't you just want to hang out on that patio?


Believe it or not, Italy has boxed wine. Which Barbara, Bill, and Eliza decided was a good idea for hiking. Here I am enjoying a much-deserved break on the trail, pizza bianco (basically a plain thick-ish crust) with some prosciutto:


There were tons of lizards all over the place but they mostly moved like lightning so you could never get a good look at one. But here we got lucky:



noricum said...

Swatchy C, you fit right in with those flowers! I don't see any delphiniums, but I see what I think is borage.

Neat lizard!

Knittah said...

Wait a minute. You carried BOX WINE on your hike? LOL But that flower picture is gorgeous. From now on, "Knittah a fiori."