Friday, May 08, 2009

Making a Difference


I thought you would enjoy seeing pictures of one of the families you have helped with your donations to the Botswana project. Look at the smiles on these beautiful faces:

botswana2.jpg botswana3.jpg botswana4.jpg botswana5.jpg botswana6.jpg

You put those smiles there! Your generous gifts of time and knitting have made a positive difference in the lives of this family. Thank you. Thank you.

Our next collection deadline is June 19th. I hope you'll join me, again.


Vickie said...

Huzzah to the awesome crocheters and knitters who made the blankets and scarves!

magnusmog said...

How good to see them in use :)

Eliza said...


Jonestribe said...

Cecilia is the children's grandmother she looks after 6 grandchildren 3 of which are orphans. We also put a swing up on the tree at their house for them to use - that was such a happy day!!

Leslie said...

This is so lovely to see, thank you for posting!