Sunday, July 05, 2009


Howdy Knittah!

We decided to take advantage of the long weekend and take a trip up to Portland, Maine. Have you ever been there? It's a cute little city, and very laid back, with some lovely scenery. We had tried to find an alpaca farm (but the Garmin did not think the address existed), and we were going to go on a tour of a vodka distillery (but they were closed for the 4th). We did get to see a neat lighthouse though!

This is the Portland Head Light, and it's much prettier in person. (Someone managed to charge all her camera batteries, but leave the camera at home, so we were stuck with a cell phone and a disposable.) We arrived after the museum closed, but there were still interesting things to see there.

Hope you had a nice 4th!

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Knittah said...

Dear Not So Swatchy,

I absolutely ADORE Portland, Maine! I've been there several times over the years. A good friend of mine used to live there, and I spent a few idyllic weeks on Peaks Island - one of the islands in Casco Bay. So you spent the 4th at one of my favorite places on earth!!!!

Love, Knittah