Thursday, September 24, 2009

September Botswana Project

Once again, knitters and crocheters have buried my house in an avalanche of beautiful hand made gifts for children in Botswana! In just three months since our last collection, I received almost 45 POUNDS of lovely things from 19 people in 3 countries. Here's what you sent:

2 ponchos
7 pairs socks or booties
8 blankets
18 scarves
21 sweaters or vests
31 toys/dolls/playing cards
49 hats

I thought you might like to see a few pictures of the items. Your generosity is such that I can't keep up in photographing it all! But believe me, each item is equally beautiful.

botswanasweateryoke0909.JPG botswanasweater0909.JPG botswanamixsweaters0909.JPG botswanalambs0909.JPG botswanahats0909.JPG botswanadolls0909.JPG

I am packaging all your gifts for volunteers to deliver. I'll have another update very soon, and two lucky donors have prizes in their future too!


Vickie said...

Those hats are incredible. And the dolls -- ooooooh.

noricum said...

Huh? Why is bloglines not giving me updates on Swatchy any more? Aaack! (I thought perhaps the blog had gone quiet... I know it's been ages since I posted anything.)

I... uh... still haven't mailed the tuque I made. I thought that since I hadn't heard anything, that perhaps the deadline was still a while off. Whoops. :(

noricum said...

PS: *Awesome* donations!!!

Vickie said...

My bloglines is doing the same thing. I wouldn't have seen the pix except Knittah posted the direct link to her blog on Ravelry.

Lara said...

That is so unbelievably awesome.