Monday, February 01, 2010

Out and about in Canberra

Hi Knittah.

We had such a nice stay in Canberra with Eliza's friends. One day, Eliza and Cath and I went shopping briefly and Eliza found the meat counter fascinating:

kangaroo mince?

swatchy c in the meat department

Fishy fishy fishy fish

Rissoles? Meatballs anyone?

Rissoles?  Meatballs anyone?

Cath's parents and sister Justine live in the area, and sisters Trish and Jane were in from the Brisbane area and Melbourne for the holidays. For Mr. Riordan's birthday, the family had a picnic at the park on the lake in Canberra. Aussies it turns out take their picnicking very seriously. Eliza had been impressed when Cath pulled out an honest-to-god picnic basket (at which point she looked at us as if, well, doesn't everyone?). Then we got to the park and she was right, EVERYONE has honest-to-god picnic baskets.

The whole famdamily (most of them)

I met a black swan, found only in the southern hemisphere:

swatchy c meets a black swan

Here's me with Cath's sister Trish and Issie, with Canberra in the background (the brightly colored building on the left is the art museum):

Trish, Izzie, and Swatchy C in the park in Canberra

Issie and I are resting with full bellies:

Izzie relaxes at the picnic

Here I am with Charlotte, who's making a face at Kilian, then there's Cath, Issie, and Eliza:


On New Year's Eve we made our way to Goulburn (pronounced "goal-bin") for Todd and Diana's engagement party. A visit to Goulburn would not be complete without calling on The Big Merino. Here's Cath and me and a big sheep:


And another view:


Just checking. Although I was later reminded that the horns are a clue...

And here's a view the next morning before we began the trek up to Sydney:



Knittah said...

That picture with Issie in the chair is great! And OMG the giant sheep!!!!!!!!!! Can I put one on my lawn?

greenwords said...

Oh, you're in Australia! Welcome. Hope you can fit in a few more picnics.

Knittah, you do not want a giant, anatomically-correct ram on your lawn!

noricum said...

My, what a big... "fleece"... you have!