Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Catching Up - Spinning Class

Dear Knittah,

I suppose I have been bad in my own way, not posting as soon as I should. (Sheesh, I have some *old* photos waiting for posts!) But this is really Noricum's fault too... she doesn't let me use the computer much. I thought I'd show you around the spinning class Noricum took over a week ago now.

Before we get started, I thought I'd let you know that Winter is definitely here.
I'm actually inside in this photo, which is why I'm not wearing my toque and long johns. It did take Noricum a while to dig out her winter coat and boots... she can be a bit slow sometimes.

But back to the class! It was a blast! Look at the concentration everyone has, having so much fun at the wheels, skein winders, and carders:
Spinning Class Spinning Class Spinning Class
That gentleman in the last photo isn't a knitter... he wanted to learn to spin (linen, in particular, although that wasn't covered in this class) so that he could weave with it!

Here's some of the other wheels we could try out:
Spinning Class
(Noricum stuck to the Lendrum... she meant to try the other wheels, but ran out of time.)

This is some lovely yarn that Penny spun:
Spinning Class

And, to get even with Noricum for hogging the computer and forgetting me at home when she went to Rovings, here's her haul from the spinning class:


PS: I'll try to get those other posts up some day... but for now, Noricum says it's way past time for lunch.


Knittah said...

Swatchy, you better stay away from the spinning wheel. 1) Spinning appears to be very addicting - which is why I won't touch roving. 2) I have a very scary image in my head of you getting caught in the wheel and flying across the room! Be careful!

noricum said...

But the wheel... it is so hypnotic... it goes round and round and round and round and round and round and... huh? What were you saying?