Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Rovings Un-Event

Dear Knittah,

I am very disappointed in Noricum. Can you believe she didn't take me to Rovings!?! She says she remembered once she was there and trying out the wheel, and feels really bad about it. She decided not to take any photos, instead waiting for her inevitable next trip there when I will be along. I have given her a stern talking-to, and she says she will try to be better.


PS: Snoopy sends her regards and love:


Knittah said...

Is Snoopy nice to you, Swatchy? She looks very nice and scruff-able.

noricum said...

Well, I didn't get to meet her myself, since I wasn't along for that trip. However, Noricum says she's an older dog (12 years), and, except for some jumping up at the start of the visit, very calm, friendly, and willing to stand still for a scratch as long as you're willing to scratch her.