Monday, November 12, 2007

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby!

Dear Knittah,

Noricum and I attended spinning class today. Well, Noricum spun, I just watched, since Noricum didn't want to shell out the class fee for me. Here we are at the end of the class:
Spinning Class
(that's Francine from Rovings beside us) and here's what Noricum spun.
Handspun Singles
The singles were spun from "mystery roving" that gets run through the drum carders between regular batches. It was nice enough stuff... but have you ever felt polwarth fleece? Wow! I wanted to dive right into the bag and never come out! Noricum didn't let me, though. (She didn't think we'd both fit, anyway.) How much polwarth do you think we would need to do so?

Noricum is currently muttering something about "must get wheel" and "how much polwarth for a sweater", and her feet keep moving like they're treadling. Do you think I should be worried?



Knittah said...

Definitely be worried, Swatchy.

What is polwarth? And now I'll have that song stuck in my head. I'm old enough to remember when that song was brand new, and that creepy video with the guy in eyeliner and long crimped hair . . . ah, the 80's. Don't miss 'em.

noricum said...

Polwarth is a breed of sheep in Australia:

Sorry about the song! ;) (I don't think I've seen the video.)

noricum said...

Oh dear. The stuff you can find with Google. (And shouldn't!) Man, was that video ever *80's*! The diso ball... glitter... purple shiny... teased hair! *shudder* How can I get those gyrating hips out of my brain?!?

Devon said...

Very cool! Spinning looks so awesome.

noricum said...

It is! :)