Saturday, March 31, 2007

Baked Expectations, Artorama, and a really great dinner

Dear Knittah,

I'm sorry I haven't written much lately, there just hasn't been all that much happening in the way of exciting travel... and I admit, I've been a bit lazy. Sorry! The good news is that I'll be making a trip to Fredericton, NB, this spring, and will be stopping in Toronto on my way there. (I'll be sure to check out Lettuce Knit! Oooo... they're open late Wednesday nights... I wonder if that's when the SNB meets? I'd love to hang out with a Toronto SNB! And, of course, if I happen to meet the Yarn Harlot, I'll be *sure* to get my picture taken with her! Noricum has met her a few times now, but I haven't gotten to meet her yet. *sigh*)

Anyway, here's the small bits of excitement we had in March:

Noricum and I and Noricum's friend (HJ) and Noricum's friend's husband went to Baked Expectations early in March. Noricum hadn't seen her friend in quite a while, and HJ is *pregnant*! (Baby knitting! Noricum had some fun with baby knitting back in February.) Anyway, the cake was soooooo good, that we didn't manage to get a photo of it before it disappeared. Whoops!
Baked Expectations
However, HJ helped take this photo where Noricum is pointing to the cake she had a slice of:
Baked Expectations
It was *yummy*! It was chocolate cake with a layer of chocolate cheesecake and another of chocolate mousse, all coated with chocolate ganache. (Can you tell Noricum likes chocolate? Or that she couldn't decide between cake, cheesecake, or mousse? And that in a state of chocolate-indecision, this cake was perfect? If she goes back again, though, she plans on having a slice of "plain old" chocolate cheesecake. Not that anything is "plain old" there!)

Then nothing much happened for *ages*... Noricum worked on her dissertation, and I hung out in her pocket, waiting for interesting opportunities.

Today, something interesting finally happened! We went to Artarama, an art show of local artists put on by the Knights of Columbus. (Noricum's dad is in the Knights, and her mom is having lots of fun doing art... so she had two invitations to go.) here's some of the art we saw:
Art At Artorama
Art At Artorama
Art At Artorama
Art At Artorama
Art At Artorama
Meeting An Artist
(Did you notice I actually met one of the artists in that last photo!?! I gave her a postcard.)
Art At Artorama

After a fun afternoon looking at art, we had a *yummy* dinner at Masa, a Japanese restaurant:
Tasty Dinner!
Mmmmm! This time I managed to get a photo before all the food was gone... although there was already a big dent in the edamame, and Noricum had eaten two of her pieces of sashimi. For dessert, we had puffed rice cake at home that Noricum's mom had made. Mmmmmm!

Well, it's getting past my bedtime now, so I guess I should go to bed.



Knittah said...

Dear Swatchy,

I'm so glad to hear from you! The Artorama looks like it was great! And chocolate? You know I'm a fan of chocolate.

I've been busy making brothers and sisters for you. Wouldn't it be awesome it everyone could come back together for a family reunion at some point? Hmmmmmm. I am a party-planning fiend . . .

Love, Knittah

noricum said...

A family reunion would be awesome! When I heard that you might go to Maryland Sheep and Wool, I wished that I had some air miles left!