Friday, March 30, 2007

Introducing Swatchy McPhee

Do you remember when I posted a couple weeks ago asking for someone to carry a Swatchy to the Represent Event in New York City? No one volunteered in time, and I was bummed. I am a huge fan of the Yarn Harlot, and CFS prevented me from going to the event myself. It was yet another cruel disappointment at the hands of this illness.

Rebecca has come to the rescue!!!!!! It turns out that Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, aka Yarn Harlot, is making an appearance in Rebecca's home town next week. Rebecca emailed me and offered to carry a Swatchy to the event. Hurray!!!!!! I am so grateful, and the Swatchy Factory™ ramped up:


I am please to introduce Swatchy McPhee. First, a disclaimer: this Swatchy is not meant to be a representation of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I know that Stephanie is not shaped like a shoebox, nor do I think she has (or needs) purple hair. I hope she won't mind that I borrowed part of her name for this special Swatchy.

Swatchy McPhee was knit from a variety of stash yarns that my mom had on hand. Her hands and face are Scottish wool, her pants are silk, her hair is Manos. She was knit very tightly on US1 and US2 needles.


Do you see that she is holding something in her right hand? Yes, she has knitting. What else does a knitter do while waiting to see the Yarn Harlot herself? Swatchy McPhee is bringing her knitting along to the event. Let me give you a sense of scale.

That's garter stitch on straight pins with laceweight yarn.

Swatchy McPhee is now on her way to Rebecca, and should arrive with plenty of time before the event. I can't wait to see pictures! Maybe Swatchy McPhee will even get to meet her namesake!

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noricum said...

Swatchy McPhee needs to take photos of her knitting everywhere! (Just don't poke anyone with those pointy sticks!) Very cute. :)