Friday, March 02, 2007

Sick Nicky

Swatchy and Unhappy Nicky

Dear Nori,

Did you know Nicky? Well, he's Noricum's dad's dog, and Noricum is taking care of him while her dad is away. Unfortunately, Nicky hurt himself somehow. We don't know what's wrong yet. (We're waiting to hear from the vet.) I'll keep you posted.

You'll be happy to know I helped to keep him company at the vet's this morning. (From a safe distance... Nicky is rough with chew-toys, and he thinks anything that'll fit in his mouth is a chew toy. I wouldn't last long as Nicky's chew toy!!!)

I hear you get to go to the beach this weekend with Knittah, Celeste, and Swatchy Hugz... I hope you have fun!


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Knittah said...

Dear Swatchy,

Poor Nicky! I hope he is feeling better. I really like Grif (who misses you, he says). And yes, I did go to the beach. Pictures of what happened to me soon!

Love, Nori