Monday, June 11, 2007

Arriving in the UK

I travelled with Eliza to the UK--England actually was a means to an end, which was Scotland. We were joining an REI Adventures trip hiking in the northwest highlands and on the Isle of Skye.

We planned to take the the train up to Inverness from London and had some time to kill at King's Cross.

swatchy at Kings Cross

Eliza wasn't sure how much of this was new since the 2005 bombings--she didn't pay that much attention last time she I was there. But this time, standing in one spot in Kings Cross, looking 180 degrees, we could see 20 security cameras. Here's a view of the crowd watching the board for arrival/departure info:

waiting in kings cross

Despite my efforts, Eliza insisted on sitting at a nearby Starbucks--she pointed out the nice cushy chair next to the window and claimed fatigue from the overnight flight, as though that would make up for the fact we were patronizing corporate America in London of all places...It was, however, a nice view on the London sidewalk scene.

view from starbucks

We regrettably did not get one photo: a late 20s guy with Beatles-style hair and a new-style suit (skinny legs etc), rushing down the sidewalk, talking frenetically into his cell phone, and the stranger passing him the other way, noticing a critical detail, and gesturing that his fly was undone, and the young guy trying to zip up his fly while talking on the phone cupped between chin and shoulder, and holding on to a leather portfolio. Sort of a classic London moment.

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Knittah said...

Did you see Platform 9 and 3/4?