Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Catching Up - Salmon and Fiddlehead Dinner

Dear Knittah,

I've fallen a bit behind on my correspondence... I'll try to catch up. This post isn't about last weekend, but the weekend before.

Friday night we went to the Riverfest salmon and fiddlehead dinner. Mmmm! Noricum and I had never had fiddleheads before. Boy, were they ever tasty! (And so was the Atlantic salmon!) Sadly, we pigged out on them before we remembered to get a photo. Whoops! Well, here are some photos from that evening that we *did* remember to take.

Waiting in line to go in:
Waiting In Line

The musical entertainment:
Musical Entertainment
This was really useful for those at the end of the line. Noricum and I happened to be in the first set allowed to go get food, and we were done *well* before the last had their chance. The music was very enjoyable. Here's a little sample:

Sheesh... you can't take Noricum anywhere. She, um, "doodled" on the paper tablecloths:

I hung out with the beavers for a bit:
They truly are proud and noble animals.

Okay, I'm off to select some more photos for uploading...



Knittah said...

I've been curious about fiddlehead ferns since I first heard of them. What do they taste like? And salmon is my favorite fish!

noricum said...

I'm not sure I could describe them in a way that would give them justice... they were sort of in the "tasty steamed greens like asparagus and broccoli" category.