Friday, June 08, 2007

Night At The Art Gallery

Picnic in the Cemetery

Dear Knittah,

Last night Noricum and I had a nice picnic in the cemetery (falafels in a pita), followed by a visit to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery. We didn't take photos because the art we really wanted to take photos of we weren't allowed to. Oh well.

They had a neat craft exhibit. The commentary was interesting too. One thing mentioned was how craft used to be valued as income and providing necessary items for the family, but now tends to be looked down upon.

One interesting fact about the gallery is that an heir to the person that the gallery is named after and who donated much of the art to the gallery is claiming that the art was just "on loan" by the Beaverbrook Foundation, not gifts. He wants some of the art back so that he can sell it to raise funds to fix up a historical building in England... which he happens to live in. A friend of Noricum described this to her. We think it sounds a little self-serving. Especially since some of the paintings he wants are Salvidor Dali portraits of Lady Beaverbrook (from when she was Lady Dunn) and Lord Dunn, and this heir is by Lord Beaverbrook's prior wife.

When we were at the gallery there was a class being given on making an art doll. Looking at the gallery website, it seems that there are individual classes held (nearly) every Thursday night, and they only cost $10. Noricum is considering looking into taking one. (It looks like there isn't one next week, and there's only one Thursday left after that.)



Knittah said...

Dear Swatchy,

It is so interesting, the evolution of craft from necessity to recreation. Our beloved Brenda Dayne may talk about just this idea in her next podcast series (at least I hope so).

Maybe you can take the art doll class with Noricum. I hope it doesn't make you feel bad about how I made you, though. I just winged it.

Love, Knittah

noricum said...

I'll blog about this more later (it's really late now), but I just had to respond to one bit of your comment. Tonight at the concert someone referred to Swatchy as an art doll. :)