Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Eliza's pictures from Scotland in the Black Cuillins post reminds me of a trip we took together back in 1994. Do you remember, Eliza?

Eliza and I took two weeks to camp and hike in Oregon. We visited Crater Lake, my personal favorite, but we also traveled to the Three Sisters area. This used to be the site of an active volcano, and the evidence of eruptions can still be seen.


I was so struck by the contrast between the green of the pine trees and the black of the volcanic rock. This trip was the last camping trip I made before I got sick. We traveled at the end of July 1994, and I fell ill in October. It is so weird to think that this was the last time Eliza and I slept in a tent, made a fire, and hiked in a forest. At the time, I expected we would make a trip like that every year.

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Eliza said...

Bittersweet memories...simply because it was the last time. A reminder to me to appreciate the "now" for all it's worth.

That was such a great trip! Remember the salmon? Remember how I nearly drove off the road when I first saw Crater Lake? Remember how I slept in the car the first night because you were snoring so loud (really, Swatchy, she could have woken the dead)? Remember that dinner at The Arc?! And all those oyster shells--didn't I end up talking to some guy about the local oyster industry...? Remember DM's voicemails... And didn't we go to Ray's Boathouse at one point? Man, that was a great vacation... :-)