Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Sound of Music

Dear Knittah,

Last week we went to see The Sound of Music at Rainbow Stage in Kildonan Park. Rainbow Stage is a somewhat-open-to-the-elements theater in the park. Here's a photo of the outside we took while standing in line:
Rainbow Stage
The night we went had rush seating. We arrived around 20 minutes before the doors were due to open, thinking that would be plenty of time. However, it turns out the early birds had all arrived quite a bit earlier. One person would stand (or sit on a lawn chair) in line, while the rest sat on picnic blankets and ate a picnic dinner. However, the seat we got was just fine:
Rainbow Stage
Here you can see the "open to the elements" bit:
Rainbow Stage
There's a roof to keep rain off, but the temperature isn't controlled, nor are insects. Luckily the mosquitoes didn't make an appearance. The dragonfly flying around during the opening "singing in the mountains" scene was appropriate, though. ;)

The music and play was fantastic! Noricum, her folks, and I all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

On a slightly related note, Noricum's neighbourhood is being used for some movie filming this week:
Movie Set
They sent around a notice, but Noricum can't remember what it's called. Winnipeg is a popular place for filming movies.



Knittah said...

Maybe you can audition to be an extra, Swatchy!

swatchy c said...

looks like a beautiful venue! you're so cultured, swatchy!