Sunday, May 11, 2008

iSwatchy tours San Francisco

I think maybe iSwatchy is getting a little carried away with his new "try anything once" San Francisco attitude.

I've temporarily uploaded a big pile of pictures to my gallery. I'll be sorting, labeling and re-uploading them in a few months when iSwatchy and I are back home.


noricum said...

Hee! Be careful there, iSwatchy! (Thanks for the update!!!) I hope you're having lots of fun down there in SF. :)

kathy said...

like you are having lots of Fun Let me know if you eve make it to NJ

Knittah said...

LOL - Great picture! iSwatchy and the Golden Gate Bridge is a great picture too!. Just make sure iSwatchy holds on to something if he rides a streetcar. Oops. Sorry about not giving you arms, iSwatchy.