Monday, May 05, 2008

Swatchy Green's Ravelry meet-up fun!

Swatchy made lots of friends while waiting....

Carol from Black Bunny Fibers was so happy to see Swatchy that she gave him some of her hand dyed yarn!

For - Casey and Jess (love the dramatic backlight? It's just my horrible camera skills)

And then came the highlight of Swatchy Green's day:

After that, all that was left to do was to chill with some Philly chicks (and baby Clyde)

He looked at some Alpacas,

and then collapsed with his booty.

On the bus ride home, Artsygal gave Swatchy some of her hand dyed yarn!

And then Swatchy got his first Septa ride to Conshohocken.

You would think he was done with travel for the day - but no, he had another adventure coming...


Knittah said...

Oh the kisses! Hi Carol! Wuv you! Hi all Philly knitters! Hi Invisible Insanity (rockin' Rav moderator)!

HI JESS AND CASEY! That's the money shot right there. I am thrilled beyond belief that Swatchy got to meet you!

Casey said...

I may not look it, but I was very happy to meet green swatchy!

Knittah said...


Um . . . . HI!

magnusmog said...

What a great trip :)

Artsygal said...

Swatchy's adorable! I hope he (and you) enjoy the yarn I gave him!