Thursday, May 01, 2008

Meet Swatchy Green

I'll admit it. I posted a bit of a pout over on Ravelry, asking if anyone might be willing to carry a Swatchy to Maryland Sheep and Wool because I am missing it AGAIN. Luckily for me, Karen came through. So inspired by Earth Day, the rebirth of spring in my backyard, and to be honest - what I had in the scrap bag - I am proud to introduce Swatchy Green:


I made him an extra large tote bag for all his yarn purchases.


What is especially exciting about Green is that he will be traveling to MDSW on the Rosie's bus. I expect him to make a lot of friends! PLUS, Karen said she will take him to the Ravelry gathering on Saturday! Fingers crossed that we can score a photo with Casey or Jess!


vicki said...

Swatchy Green looks ready for action! I hope his bag is big enough - those fiber festivals are dangerous!

Karen Leary said...

I will have room in my bag in case swatchy runs out of room in his!

magnusmog said...

Have a great time Swatchy Green :)