Sunday, July 13, 2008

Coniston Part 2

On Day 2, we opted for long and flat(ter). We walked the length of the lake and around the hills and farms near the sound end of the lake before making our way back. Another beautiful day in the Lake District.... A perfect day for a lake cruise (which we didn't do):

boat on coniston

At various points we could see down and back up the lake. We could see where we'd hiked yesterday:

the view back yesterday

...and were happy we'd done it, and were happy we were doing something else today.

We found happy, peaceful goats:

happy goats

and sheep of course:

sheep south of coniston

Lovely valleys and farms:

idyllic home

down in the valley

And the view we enjoyed back up the lake:

looking north up coniston


Knittah said...

Gorgeous photos! Sheep! Several candidates for a "best of Swatchy" collection.

noricum said...

Awww! Those goats are so sweet!

magnusmog said...

Isn't the Lake District beautiful.
We used to go there for holidays when I was a nipper:)