Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back, and Gone Again


Swatchy Green made it home from Maryland Sheep & Wool, if a bit delayed. I think he may have made a few side trips. Not surprisingly, he came home with plenty of goodies from MDSW.


Aren't the buttons great? And those Swatchy-sized yarn skeins are from Black Bunny Fibers (the blue) and Artsygal (the yellow). Thank you to both of those friends, and Karen for taking such good care of Swatchy.

Swatchy Green is now off on a secret mission across the pond, but I can't tell you about that. You'll have to wait and see!


Karen said...

Thanks so much for entrusting me with Swatchy! We had a lot of fun. Swatchy did enjoy camping :)

noricum said...

Oooo! Is it maybe Woolfest and/or Brenda Dayne? I can't wait to hear! :)

sunnie_fairy said...

cute button! :]