Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Grasmere, Rydal, and Ambleside...and there-abouts

OK, so apparently Eliza did a crappy job on the photography. We don't have much in the way of photos from Days 4 and 5 (we're really not sure what happened there, because we remember taking lots of photos...). On Day 4, we took the bus up from Windermere to Dove Cottage (Wordsworth's former home) outside of Grasmere, and hiked up to the Alcock Tarn, which was a relatively short, somewhat steep climb up to a lovely view west over Grasmere, south across Rydal and down towards Windermere. (Not that you'd know it due to the darth of photos...) We had grand ambitions of climbing back up and continuing on to Great Rigg, further north, but our legs didn't cooperate (literally--right leg kept collapsing). So we opted for a stroll around Grasmere village, and then continued on around Grasmere and down around Rydal Water.

above rydal

So the next day we took the bus up to Ambleside and trekked up to Trout Beck. The cows were a bonus:

stockghyll cows
To our great disappointment, we didn't see a single one. (where were they?!)

But it was a pretty hike up:

down in the valley from Trout Beck

And a nice view down to the valley:

south across lake windermere

at trout beck

We walked through some lovely farms on the way down, passing a couple of wells like this:

st nelgas well

Here's our hotel in Windermere, the very lovely (inside and out) Applegarth Hotel (we recommend it):

applegarth hotel


Knittah said...

Oooooo, Dove Cottage! You probably don't remember this, Eliza, but freshman year at Georgetown my Liberal Arts Seminar English professor had made a life's work of Wordsworth. He went there every summer. We went to college so long ago, I bet he's retired or dead, huh. Oh, and LOVE the sign photo!

Eliza said...

I didn't remember that! Remind me his name--you had those 2 professors (I think) for the seminar that year, didn't you?

I had gone to Dove Cottage on that trip to the Lakes back in '98, so this time I just walked past.

Can't really escape Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter in the Lake District. Wordsworth apparently had his honeymoon at the place I stayed in Coniston, which was just a few miles over from Beatrix Potter's village, etc....