Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 3, going to Windermere

On day 3, we were tired. A couple from the hotel (Eliza stupidly didn't get photos...) graciously dropped us in Windermere where we were to stay for the next 3 nights. We opted for a lake cruise and lazy day. It was overcast and threatening but never rained.

across windermere 2

We sailed to the north end of the lake and had lunch at a lakeside pub before catching the boat back. We enjoyed the scenery. A swan:


Ah yes, such graceful creatures.

And a cowboy family:

western girls

Pink cowboy hats and butterfly nets? Must be an English thing.

Walking through Windermere, we passed the local Italian restaurant. Too bad we were going to miss Frank Sinatra night, I was really disappointed:


Windermere boasts its own cross stitch and Christmas shop (ye old shoppe, I should say).

xmas and cross-stitch

We walked out of the hotel to find dinner on the first night and stumbled upon a spectacle in the square. We had to run back to the hotel for the camera but managed to capture the last few minutes of what, it turns out, was a group of Morris (sp?)dancers. With pipe and squeeze organ and fiddle and...lots of bells...

morris dancers 2

morris dancers

But the juxtaposition of the Morris dancers with the Disaffected Youth was priceless:

morris dancers and disaffected youth

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