Thursday, September 04, 2008

Boldly Onwards! :-)

Finally here! You wouldn't believe how dull it is to travel by box. *No* windows! No complimentary meals and all sorts of turbulence.

Here is the resident fuzzy. I got an extensive nosy-check and may have found a staunch admirer. I hope it's *me* he likes, not the pinball potential...

After a cuppa, I found some alpaca and knitted a scarf. It took away the worst styrofoam-peanut aches. It's a checker-board mesh which was much admired.

Here is a bit of the garden. I had to climb a tree to get a better view of the sweet-peas. I must say they've gone to some lengths to make this the perfect camouflage corner for me. :-)

Can't say I can tell it's Scotland yet (not even the promised rain and ha'ar), but I'm sure my hosts will find something to show me while I'm here.

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Knittah said...

A cuppa sounds like just the thing!