Sunday, September 07, 2008

After all that...

We were just wiped. It was time to end the sleep over by actually getting some sleep. I got in to my PJs, and Swatchee and I cuddled down for a snooze, under a lovely afghan that Pele's human crocheted for me, and sent all the way from Arkansas!

I hope Swatchee will keep in touch with us all

Thanks for the visit (and your patience listening to the ramblings of a bear

08SeptSwatchee 015


noricum said...

Wow, what a party! I'm impressed that you don't need to *hibernate* after all that! :)

Knittah said...

I'm gonna cram all my comments into one here:

1. You freeze apples? Like for pie filling? Just sliced, or spiced up?

2. I love Swatchy and the lone boot. The encounters with The Vomiting Frog and the Garden Gnome will go down in Swatchy history.

3. LOVE the picture of Swatchy on the birdfeeder. And in the flower garden, which is gorgeous by the way. Are all Winnipeggers also excellent gardeners?

4. I am a HUGE football fan too! You probably didn't watch the Eagles game, but football is football (unless it's futbol).

5. Swatchy playing percussion with his single boot? Priceless!

Thank you so much, Quigs, for hosting Swatchy for a sleepover!