Saturday, September 06, 2008

Pollock's Hardware

Swatchy at Pollock's Hardware

Dear Knittah,

Sorry I haven't blogged about my recent travels yet... Noricum has been busy refinishing her desk, and I need her to type what I dictate.

Today we went to Pollock's Hardware to get some more stripping chemicals. Pollock's is an independent hardware store in the North End of Winnipeg, within reasonable walking distance of Noricum's apartment. It made the news recently when the family-owned business couldn't find a buyer when the current owners wanted to retire. To prevent the store from closing, the neighbourhood banded together to form a co-op. The story was even on CBC's Vinyl Cafe! Noricum doesn't have a share in the co-op, but her dad does.

Noricum is back to stripping the desk tomorrow, but I'll see if I can persuade her to put up another post or two.


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Knittah said...

It is so cool that the neighborhood came together that way!