Sunday, September 07, 2008

Making Friends

Swatchy and Griz

Dear Knittah,

Noricum here. I took Swatchy with me tonight to knit with some friends from work, and Swatchy made new friends too! He met Griz there, and now he's off for a sleep-over to meet more friends! I'll have more to report when Swatchy is back.


Off To A Sleepover


Knittah said...

Awwwww, Swatchy made a fwend.

Hreowian said...
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Hreowian said...

And Griz is adorable! Swatchy looks slightly apprehensive, though... :-) (But, as always, handsome!^_^)

(Old post deleted due to lack of brain. :/)

Anonymous said...

Hello All. Actually, my name is "The Griz", signifying that I am the one and only! I live in Winnipeg, having migrated here from the Rocky Mountains in B.C. I share a house with two humans, many other bears (you can see Einstein in the background) and a lamb (aka Super Lambie - she even has a cape!) My favourite pasttimes are eating, sleeping and playing with Gav (my humans great-nephew). Like Quigley's human I am a BIG football fan, though this year my team is not doing well at all! (Go Blue!) I even have my own Blue Bomber hat that I wear on gamedays.

I don't travel much but love to have visitors. Hopefully Swatchy will come back to visit, and everyone else is invited over as well (just don't tell my humans- they are not much for parties)

Hreowian said...

My appologies, The Griz. Of course there is only one of you.

Sounds like you have a very friendly and comfortable house, which is generally the case if there is one or more bears about.
I know this, because my Dad's name translates to "bear", which makes me half bear-cub.

Thnak you for your kind invitation, but I will have trouble "just passing". Scotland is irritatingly far away at times.