Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lettuce Knit

Dear Knittah,

You would have had *so* much fun if you could have been with us last night! Noricum and I went to Lettuce Knit!!! We took the bus and the subway there. I worked some more on the tuque for Friday:
Knitting In Public

While walking from the subway to LK, we grabbed a hot dog from a street vendor for dinner. And we saw the CN Tower in the distance. Cool!
CN Tower
Noricum has actually been to the top of the CN Tower. She recommends that if you want to go, go for lunch rather than just the view. Lunch there sounds expensive (it's prix fixe), but when you subtract off the amount they would charge you just to go to the top (there's no extra charge if you go for a meal), it's actually pretty decent. Plus there's *no* line! The people not having lunch have a separate line, and it's *really* long! Once you eat the fancy lunch with a view of the city, you can go to the other level that everyone else sees, and have fun there too. Noricum recommends that it be done at least once if you're in Toronto, but we don't really have time to do it this trip.

Look! I'm at the Lettuce Knit SNB!
Lettuce Knit!
I met *so* many interesting people!

This lady requires no introduction, of course:
(And look! I'm holding the sock!)

It's Ken!
I recognized him from the Yarn Harlot's blog. Ken is knitting a really lovely aran sweater. (Although Noricum caught him with dinner rather than the sweater. She has bad timing like that.)

This is Jen from My Sensitive Girl Hole:

Noricum neglected to ask for the correct spelling, but this is Meaghan, owner of Lettuce Knit:
Meaghan (sp?)
(Meaghan, if you visit here, could you give us the correct spelling?) Noricum's credit card got a bit of a workout at Lettuce Knit:
Although she did get her books signed while she was there:
Autograph Autograph

Can you guess what this wall hanging is of?
Vegetable Garden Wall Hanging
A vegetable garden! Check out the view from below:
Vegetable Garden Wall Hanging
That's hilarious!!! The person who made the wall hanging also has scarves for sale at Lettuce Knit. How perfect is it that "Lettuce" Knit has a vegetable garden (complete with lettuce) hanging on the wall?!?

Okay, time for some more introductions. Let's see... who's here?
Lettuce Knit Group

This is Emily and Danny:
Emily and Danny
Danny has a blog too, but he says he rarely posts to it. Emily has the sweetest little baby. Stephanie taught Noricum her "fish face" trick that makes babies smile. It works too!

Eeeeek! Amy Singer!!!
Amy Singer
Noricum was rather dense and kept trying to hand her wool to hold. Sheesh. She started to remember by the end of the night. *sigh*

I finished knitting the tuque for Friday:
Tuque Tuque Tuque
Noricum made the kind of lame pom-pom. It wasn't really her fault that it was lame, though. The yarn didn't "compress" well, to make the center small enough. Everyone (well, everyone who said something) loved the hat I made, and agreed that it will keep a homeless person's head toasty warm. Noricum is thinking of writing up her pattern. (Although I knit it, she came up with the design.) It's pretty simple, but a cute idea too.

These two aren't knitters:
Manhunt Toronto
They were playing a game called "Manhunt". They stopped in to disguise themselves as knitters. Noricum loaned them some needles and yarn.

One last introduction before I go. This is Rachel H, commenter extraordinaire:
Rachel H

We had such a lovely time! I got to meet so many cool people, I knit, and Noricum crocheted a few more rounds on the hyperbolic plane. We wish you could have been there with us. But, you were there in spirit.



Knittah said...

Dear Swatchy,

Oh. My. God. You met Stephanie? And Amy? And Meaghan? And Ken?

I have to go lie down - it's too exciting! I'll post separately about your wonderful evening. I am so glad you were there!

Love, Knittah

Susan said...

And Rachel H! and her Evil Killer Eyes of Death!


KarenJoSeattle said...

Thanks so much for taking us along, Swatchy. It was great to see so many faces to go with the names.

noricum said...

Oooo! Rams left a comment! Rams comments at Stephanie's blog!

Dang it, I was sitting two chairs away from the Keyboard Biologist, and didn't have a clue! Knittah, see that baby bump behind Stephanie? That's the Keyboard Biologist, and Swatchy is so disappointed I didn't get a photo with her. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

I came here from the Yarn Harlot's blog, which I read regularly. You can imagine my surprise, as I scrolled along your entry, to discover a picture of my brother playing man hunt (and 'knitting')! I guess it's a small country after all :)

Fun blog! Keep on knitting, swatchy.


Jen from Ottawa

noricum said...

What a small world!

Mary Anne said...

wow, you had the most perfect knitterly day! yay!!!